Tutorial with Shan

First proper day working in our new studio. We all got our own desks and boards to decorate with our work. After a busy day spend in London going in to many stationery shops my head was spinning from different ideas.

This year I want to create a set of 8 cards in a playful way using flaps and pop-out for 20-30 years old. Pop-ups and bright happy cards are usually in a market for children and I want to push the everyday boundaries and create my collection for an older crowd. I still feel a bit anxious about this year and I triple question everything I do. As exited as I am about this project I wasn’t sure if my idea would suit the brief and if the tutors or Sarah would like it.

During my tutorial with Shan she made me feel more confident about this project and my idea in general. At first she wasn’t sure about my colour pallet which got me more worried but after I explained my idea in more detail and she agreed that those colours will be needed for my novelty card collection.

Then I spoke about the Paper skills workshop I attended with Tom and how I want to explore different folding and pop-out techniques and she also really liked that idea. I bought pop-out cards in London in Harrods and Paperchase so we spend a while playing and talking about them. We spoke about the use of folds and how I could even take it as far as concertina books or even tell a story as I will have different sides of paper. I really like the idea of expanding it more and creating something beyond a simple fold, pop-out cards as I want to focus on the USP because I know Sarah from the IG Design Group will be looking for that in our designs.

I would like to create different characters with small medical injuries. I will be looking at children’s books for more inspiration. I know there is a lot more professional illustrators that will have better drawing and illustrating skills them me so I am thinking of adding text in to the characters or even make them all from typography. I think this will make me stand out from different designers in the industry and will allow me to be creatively original. I will also try to make the characters quite simple because I have a large colour pallet and I don’t want to overload my designs. This will also make them look more stylised and people tent to go for less rather than more.

Shan was happy with the body of research I have done so far but she told me to carry on and move on to artist and marker research. I will be researching companies such as The Printed Peanut, Lagom Design and Meri Meri. For children’s book I will be doing Waterstones and Blackwell and maybe even the library. I think my issue is that I don’t want to do anything wrong this term and at the same time experiment as much as I can. Research feels safe but I would like to be finished with it by the end of this week.

After all I think the tutorial went very well and Shan helped me develop my thinking process and my ideas were all over the place.


Creative Manifesto – Colour Pallet

Choosing a colour pallet is a very important stage in the project. It sets a mood for the whole project and all of your designs.

Boldness and statement-making drive Creative Manifesto, which features colours that are powerful enough to stand on their own or can be worked into striking combinations of primaries and complementaries. These confident colours are balanced and grounded by softer, more nuanced hues that offer a sense of assurance.

01  Intense green joins the primaries: red, yellow and blue are joined by Ivy Green, which allows for colour-blocking that is confident, simple and refreshing

02  Colours have an urban quality: greys, whites and near-blacks ground this palette in an urban context, and can be used for graphic interventions that add depth to designs

03  Freedom of expression is key: vibrant colours make a confident statement, allowing for an expressive, experimental and highly individual approach across all fields and surfaces

04  Colour is playful: this clean, bold palette allows design narratives to take centre stage, emphasising plays of scale, pattern and texture

Colour Usage SS 19 Creative Manifesto1.png

Researching the Creative Manifesto colours I have discovered that each continent have different colours they are using. There isn’t much difference in the tones of each colour but come have additional, separate colours. Taking information from boards from different continents allows me to understand the market more.

Regional Colour Comparison SS 19

I really like this colour pallet as it it a mixture of bold primary colours with the addition of also quite bold complementary colours. Also some more toned colours are added with urban qualities which will make my colours work well together.

Using strong primary colours and putting them together works very well. I really like how bold and strong the colours are.

The pallet also has colours using using urban qualities which means the colours are more toned down and not as vibrant. Again used information boards from different parts of the world to give me a better idea.


Trend forecasting

To start of my project with a good knowledge of the trends and the market for the up coming seasons I decided to research on WGSN. In my previous years I really didn’t understand how it works and I would just pick trends with nice images that matched my ideas but this year I really wanted to know what I am doing. Don’t get me wrong, I am a visual person so I also looked at images and colour pallets of each trends but what I really wanted to research was the information and inspiration for each up coming trend.

I wanted to mainly focus on PackGing but I have also research in to Lifestyle & Interiors and Surface & Materials to really understand and trends and how each market is linked with the other. Let me start with Packaging.

Packaging Forecast A/W 17/18: INFusion

This trend is influenced by a blurred line between humans and technology. It will mainly focus on a settle retro direction that emerges, luxury is understanding and geometric are key.

I liked this trend because of the different and unique shapes and approaches to packaging. This is a good example of USP. Those colours look good on packaging products but I don’t think they would match my designs process and project.

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Packaging Forecast A/W 17/18: Nocturne

This trend explores darkness from a positive perspective, with designs that have a dreamy, mysterious quality, taking inspiration from the allure of the night sky and stars. It focuses on faced forms that create intrigue, light and shade that evoke a sense of drama and the Use of sparkly and encrusted decoration.

Again for this trend I love the geometric and original packaging. It’s so unique and it looks very futuristic which means what buyers will be willing to pay more for it. The colour pallet it self is quite limited which works very well for the products but not for my designs.

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Lifestyle & Interiors Forecast S/S 19: Common Ground

Moving on to Lifestyle & Interiors. Common Ground looks at the growing need to go local: to re-establish what brings people together, what makes a community, and celebrate the values that unite rather than divide. It highlights 4 key factors: homemade is best, a rural aesthetics is celebrated, craft take a co-approach and space is shared.

This trend caught my eye because of the interesting colour palette. There is quite a lot of different colours to chose from and I like the tones. I don’t like the work on the information page as it is to ‘earthy’ for this projects. I do however love the mood and key factors for this trend as it is all about coming together and creating something as one. This trend will link in more with my dissertation projects.

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Surface & Materials Forecast S/S 19: In Touch

This trend is all about the desire to reconnect with things that touch us emotionally and physically. It focuses on forms emulate human nature, engineered structures mimic biological forms and calming surfaces offer a sense of lightness.

I love the idea of creating things and reconnect us emotionally and psychically. I like the colour pallet with just enough colours. I also like the designs which make me thing of tactile touch as they are very textures. However, I think this trend and the products are too transparent for the work I am planing to do this project.

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Paper skills

This was the first workshop of the year and truthfully I wasn’t sure if I should go because I have done paper making last year but I though it might give me a refresher and make me more relaxed but this year. At the end of the workshop I was over the moon, Tom Martin started the workshop with showing us his stunning work. He spoke about it with such a care and a sparkle in his eye it made me more exited about this term and the IG project. I really liked all of his work because it was all paper made but it wasn’t just there to ‘look pretty’. Some of it had pop-out or interesting folding. Some products would come in a card form and then the client would have to build a building or a press out of it. I think this is a really interesting and creative idea and I might be doing something along these lines during this project.

Tom also spoke about this inspiration and thought process which I thought was really interesting. We talked about how he found this bright yellow envelope in one of the book stores but with a little creativity and imagination the paper would create different address squares outcomes each time you folded it differently. I think this is so fun but also easy at the same time.

From this one envelope design he created those little boxes with out out shapes in them. There is hundreds of geometric cutouts in each box and if you change the order of the cutout you get a different design.

He then took this idea even further and made those little prototypes for calendars. The idea is that each geometric page would have a month on the long stripe and a date in the circle bit and you would twist the page everyday to get today’s date. Each page will be twisted 4 times and they design would be different everyday. The interesting thing about this product is that its so simple but at the same time so fun and it keeps the client/buyer interested for the whole year.

Then Tom suggested showing us how do to our own paper but after seeing all of his amazing work we wanted to learn how to do flaps, pop-out and little boxes. We have used ‘bread&butter’ paper which means it can be used for anything as it is not to thick or thin. We started of with a spiral pop-out then carried on to making a simple flap and finally we made a match looking box of our work. This workshop was very fun and I feel like I have learned a lot in such a small amount of time. This got me exited this the upcoming project and I definitely will want to do pop-out this term.

Editing photographs

So I don’t think it’s hard to notice that I love social media. I am not as good at it as I would want to be but I am trying my best and just putting my self out there. Of course I will have tons of photos from Malta for both my personal account and work account on Instagram so I just wanted to quickly show you how I edit my photos.

On my work account I simply edit the photo so the colours are brighter and the contrast is greater to really show of the colours. This photo is showing a beautiful crystal clean blue water on the Comino Island. Honestly it is like a paradise. I decided to use this photograph as an example because it is the last one I added, during one hour I got 10 likes, hopefully I will get a bit more. Check out more about my hoop photos here!

For my personal account I usually do the same, I just make the colours more vibrant but for this one I had to do a bit more. When I visited Mdina – the Silent City of Malta I took a lot of photos but I specially liked this because of the texture and colour of the wall and how it works with the colour of my dress. Sadly, the Silent City wasn’t so silent and was filled with tourists so it was hard to take a good photo.

I wanted to remove the people in the background which I have never done before so I decided to go on Youtube. There was a lot of different videos was ways to do this but this one worked the best for me.

Click here to see How to remove unwanted people from your pictures


Colourful Malta

Malta is a very beautiful country full of amazing and vibrant colours which is really inspiring. For me colours are very important in my work so I wanted to capture them as the are in real life. I am using Pantone colour post cards to capture the exact colours of my surroundings.

Each beach or bay is very unique and has it’s own colours. Here are photographs of Bugibba and Mellieha bay which aren’t that far from each other but already have different colour tones of the water and specially the sand.

I also wanted to try a new different approach when I don’t hold the cards but just put them in sand. I am not sure if I like the example on the left with the feet but it might as well be because the sand isn’t the best colour. I love the photograph on the right with the light catching the tints and tones of the golden sand.

I have created my own hashtag on Instagram called #remazingpantone if you would like to see my other photographs with the Pantone cards.

Malta through hoops

My trip to Malta so far has been amazing. It is not over yet but I thought I would share my favourite places which immediately became perfect scenery for my hoop photography.

I have mostly photographed beaches and bays as I love the water and I feel like every bay in Malta is very unique. I also wanted to try out a different approach so I have also tried out photographing closeups of colourful boats and seaweeds directly on to sand. I think both look really good and I am happy to be adding to my collection. If you would like to see some more hoop photos click here!