Artefact supporting my dissertation

To support my 6000 world dissertation I have created an emotional quilt as a wall hanging. I have research different artists and techniques to understand the techniques in ore detail and be able to relate them to my writing more.


I have based my work on a signifies of relationships between 2 people. As in my dissertation I reflected a lot on human emotions and getting better through art I wanted to show the importance of emotions people have for each other. My work is almost a story as each block of the quilt shows the same 2 characters but reflect on different feelings or stages of a romantic relationship which will then resolve in a breakup. I  wanted to use limited colours to state clear and separate aspect of each character. Wanting to use primary colours I gave the yellow colour to the girl. Yellow mostly evokes happiness, friendliness and at times warning but in this case the yellow is toned down and mixed with brown for the reason that I wanted to show that the girl character has lost her happiness by something that made her pessimistic. The boy character is portraited by blue which usually means trustworthy and inviting but mixed with a darker tone and some purple the maker wanted to add some mystery and deepness to him. Another colour which is not used regularly in this piece is green which some viewers might take as natural, stable or prosperous in fact is it a mix of yellow and blue together. By this, I wanted to show the link made by the 2 characters in the relationship. The importance of the colour was inspired by Andy Warhol’s piece, ‘Marilyn Diptych’, which plays with a lot of bright colours reflecting happiness and black and white reflecting sadness. As mentioned before each piece of the quilt tells a separate range or emotions almost telling a story. This was inspired greatly by Tilleke Schwarz’s work as she tells a narrative in her own work. By each block telling a story through art it might be interpreted differently by different people so to help the viewer I have also added embroidered text understand the emotions. On the other hand, I believe that the viewers should interpret the work by themselves so the text is not putted in specific order or sentences but presented as an addition to the image behind it. I also wanted to do this quilt because by adding this supporting artefact to the paper the reader and viewer can understand the argument she is making. The argument being that through art people benefit greatly by expressing their emotions and gaining needed stimulation while the making process.

The making princess was very interesting to me. I knew quite early on that I wanted to represented a romantic relationship that ended with a breakup as I wanted to show raw, real emotions. Starting with designing the characters and thinking of the emotions they might be feeling, I have associated each colours to them. I research how each colour makes people feel but added and mixed different colours to change the feelings which I have really enjoyed. After researching more in to screen printing realised how most makers use ready made screen with digital exposure so I waned to challenge that create a screen and stencil by hand. I made my screen using a 2 cardboards which I cut a rectangle in and placed an organza fabric in between as the mesh. I glued all pieces and taped it, also used an old plastic cards as a squeegee. I cut the characters from paper, using the positive and negative of the design. After printing my previously planned prints my screen soaked with paints and water so it was hard to carry on. By then I was happy with my outcomes which looked very ‘fine arty’. I decided to add type inspired by my embroidery research to add more meaning to the story. I have used hand and free machine embroidery. After all required measurements I have stitched all blocks (showed in the top, left photograph) using straight running stitch with the hanging parts (showed in the remaining photographs).

After all this processes was very enjoyable and having all the knowledge and back up really benefited my making process.