First few weeks at Alamango Bridal

So I have completed 3 weeks at Alamango Bridal, it’s crazy how time flies when you’re having fun. This internships is definitely not what I expected. Before I came out here I was told I will be helping designing and making dresses with a skilled team. So far I have done alterations to already made dresses and met with clients and the ‘team’ includes me and one free-lancing lady who is not a dress maker. I am really enjoying the time I have already spend in the Bridal workshop but I feel like I am not learning a lot. I have completed 3 weeks which means I have 7 left and I already feel like I can’t reach my full potential but I finally settled in properly and I am falling in love with Malta more and more everyday.

This is some of the alterations I have done so far. On a bride to be I have measured how much lace she wants on the back and front and gathered up the fabric to attach the comb. The gathering and putting lace around was simple but when it got to the comb it was a bit fiddly. I tried my best but I had to redo the lace around and comb as the stitches weren’t straight and nice. After doing it again it came out perfect. It was straight and nice and you couldn’t see the comb from the other side which is really important in a vale.

This dress had a long, full tail at the back of the skirt. With nearly every dress we make a loop in a middle of the skirt at the back and a button on lower back so the bride can have a beautiful long tail for the ceremony but can also feel more comfortable after with the tail up. We usually do one loop and one button but because this dress had such a full skirt I had to stitch 5 loops and buttons.

After measuring where the loops and buttons go on the bride the actual making was easy and the final effect was stunning. The 5 loops still give the skirt so much fullness but it also so much more comfortable for the bride.

The third alteration that I usually do are shoulder cover-ups. To get married in Malta the bride’s shoulders must be covered both in church and city hall, the bride can show her  shoulders after the ceremony. The shoulder cover-up are very popular in Malta, they come of with snaps in seconds. I stitch the snaps in to the edge of the dress and end of the cover-up which allows the bride to take it off at the time she wants.

Another alterations that I usually do is fixing and adding beads or changing lengths of the skirts. So far I have mostly worked by hand but I have used the industrial machine and it is so much faster then the domestic one! It looks intimating to use and no one trained me how to use it but I would like to practise on it more.

So after all I have enjoyed the 3 weeks I have spend in Alamango Bridal & Textiles but I would love to learn more techniques such as pattern making, cutting and dress making.


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