Malta is just 121 square miles big. There is 365 churches in Malta. Malta will also be my home for the next 11 weeks! This summer I am doing an internships in Alamango Bridal & Textiles shop specialising in stitch and dress making. I have been here for some time now and I am amazed by this beautiful island all the time.

I have had rough couple of first days and trouble with settling in but after a week I am finally starting to fall in love with this small but magnificent country.

I live in Mosta which is filled with life and coffee shop, in a middle of town square there is a stunning big church, Rotunda of Mosta. I love how symmetrical the ceiling is and how it creates geometric patterns within.

I am adding to my hoop photographs everyday I even created a hashtag on Instagram. Check out the Remazinghoops Hashtag

I have also picked up a new hobby, I am taking photos with Pantone colour cards. This was the first time I have done this and didn’t realise how hard it is to match the colours exactly and how much planning and thinking goes in to the photo. The lighting is the key thing as the sun and shadows change the colour of the buildings or things I am photographing but also the colours of the colour cards.

Every door in Malta is different in colour and curvings. Also the door are very unique and quirky. This is the only successful colour card photo from that day which I really like and am happy with.


Overall my first trip to Mosta centre was very successful and cultural and got me wanting more!


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